Motor Dealers
Motor Dealers

We help motor dealers get more qualified NON tyre kicking leads through laser focused digital advertising!

Motor Dealers things are changing fast.

The old style of selling & advertising is dying quickly.

What has worked for decades is quickly being disrupted through new technology like Facebook & Instagram. And the way people buy is changing by the likes of online brokers for example. Are you keeping up?

If your a Motor Dealer you would NEVER say no to more leads right? And you would love qualified leads that convert right? then you have found the right advertising agent! Why us?

Well we are a car dealer too! (We stil sell cars, you can ask for proof)

Hi my name is Dean and I have been in the auto industry for 25 years. Retail new & used,Valuer, Buyer, Wholesaler, manager, F&I, used car reconditioning and dealer principal.

So I KNOW what dealers want.


I currently have a full online car consult business and a digital advertising business specific to the needs of motor dealers.

As a car dealer (or trucks, boats or anything)

What do we want most?

Qualified leads!!!!!

We need reliable leads to fuel our sales and service team.

We have offline experience in retail, wholesale new and used. We mix our motor trade experience with our digital marketing know-how to create solutions specifically for your dealership.

Here's what we can do:

Analyse your business to find cost savings

Increase Social media presence

Facebook Instagram (awesome leads!!)

More used car inquiry (qualified leads)

More new car leads (specific to your brands)

How to monetise from private sellers.

We have a complete offering to dealers to grow revenue quickly through online marketing & ads.

We can analyse your business and very quickly show where and how to make more money without spending a lot.

Let’s get started today


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