Motor Dealers
Motor Dealers

We help motor dealers grow revenue and profit in every department of their dealerships!

Our cutting edge system creates growth in any area you need it, especially retail!

And we know what we are talking about!

Hi my name is Dean and I too am a car dealer!

On my own I’ve bought & sold over 8,000 cars since 1998

So I come to you as someone who can walk the walk! I don’t claim to know this industry

I live it!

I also have built a successful digital advertising business & consultancy specialising in helping the motor trade!

So I can can mix old school offline sales skill with modern digital good practice to drive growth.

Does your dealership NEED to make more $$? of course it does!

I don’t know ANY motor dealers that do not want more growth & more profit!

But if you’ve hit a ceiling with profit, or even worse, your ripping money monthly, then you need to implement our systems quickly.

Here’s where we can help

1. More leads. With our advertising system, we use facebook™ to help you acquire more of the leads you need. Forget the old tricks like newspaper ads, where you’re never able to define or measure how good your ad is. No, We use a proven system to acquire more clients that want to buy from you. And we can measure the success of these ads.

We can get you more leads for :

New car sales

Used car sales

Finance leads

More prospects for cars & F&I you don’t even have yet

More service leads

Spare parts growth

How many of these leads do you want?

Ask us how......

2. Another area our system will help you make more money is with functional social media presence.

Many dealerships have someone in-house to do this, but have those people there the experience in selling to be able to shape social media towards more sales? Do they have a vested interest in the dealerships profit?

Some of these people I’ve met haven’t even lifted a bonnet on a car! Are they performance based? Are they going to be able to utilise social media to sell cars? It’s unlikely if they don’t know how to sell cars.

We believe everyone involved in your social media should know how to sell cars. Why? Because this is where the growth comes from.

Too many dealerships I see today do not use their social media to sell more cars. They use it to appear hip & current, when really at the end of the day selling cars is what pays the bills!

Pretty pictures on Instagram do not sell cars!

Just like balloons on used cars don’t sell cars!

Great people do!

3. Management consulting!

Our years of experience has taught me many useful techniques to boost & motivate your sales team.

Another important area is management.

Often when I’ve been been asked to train the sales teams at dealerships, I find they’re often just fine, it’s the managers that can have weaknesses.

Good soldiers need good generals. Too often I’ve seen sales managers become great at beating up the sales crew to make themselves look good, when really they’re the problem.

Here in Australia where I live, I often see extremely incompetant managers in charge of hard working sales teams. If you are a dealer owner or principal, then you need to look closely at your managers & how they treat their teams. The days of the motor trade burning & churning staff are over.

We really need to stand back & take a look at the overall culture of the dealership.

Sales teams are very loyal to a great leader. In fact often when a great manager moves dealerships, their sales crew want to follow them why? Loyalty. If your dealership does NOT have a feel of loyalty and a type of family feel, then you are going to have constant friction and staff changes.

Hiring & firing is expensive and unwise.

I know that our industry is rife with this tactic. You know that attitude of,

“hey if this person can’t sell enough cars, let’s pressure him to get results by threatening them with their job, heck if this person fails we will get someone else”

You know what I’m talking about. This is a toxic issue in the motor trade.

And it’s time it stopped. This is why the industry loses so many great people who don’t return.

Motor Dealers, things are changing fast!

The old style of selling & advertising is dying quickly.

What has worked for decades is quickly being disrupted through new technology like Facebook & Instagram. What about new car brokers? The way people buy is changing by the likes of online brokers for example. You have to keep up!

Are you keeping up?


Here are the areas we consult in and can help your dealership with

1. Sales leads

2. Service & parts leads

3. Management motivation

4. Sales team motivation strategies

5. Digital marketing

6. Social media tools that sell cars.

7. Finance leads



Let’s get started today