We get leads!
We get leads!

Hi & welcome to get results ad co. 

You’ve come to the right place if you you want more high paying clients, with predictably!

Our system of finding high quality leads on an ongoing basis, works well If you have a product with a high profit margin. 

For example, business consultants, cosmetic surgeons, specialist tradesmen, health specialists. In fact Any business where just 1 new client can make a world of difference to your life & income goals. 

We use laser targeted digital advertising via Facebook, & we are experts in that field. 

Why do we not use all other types of social media? Because Facebook is reliable & has an enormous amount of the traffic your business requires. Fb really is all you need when done properly, you just need US to Find those leads for you. Facebook is a huge market place, so how do we find the right fish for you in that enormous ocean? 

Use our skills!

How do we know we can help? 

Let me introduce myself.

Hi my name is Dean & I am the CEO of get results ad co. 

I started this business out of sheer frustration in my own business.

I couldn’t find an advertising company that was both reliable and not too expensive to get the job done. I also wanted my own ad manager, someone I could call personally and rely on to get the job done.I couldn’t find that company. There’s loads of ad companies out there, but very few offer personal one on one service, & NONE offer performance guarantees. (Yes we back our service with results) 

There’s a lot involved in trying to attract the right client online, turn them into a lead & then have that lead in your email box, so much so, that the task can be quite daunting. 

Why go through the pain of trying to work it out yourself when we can do it all for you? 

It’s like having a leaking pipe in your house and spending the next 6 months trying to repair it yourself to try and save a buck when you could have spent $500 on a  Plumber & resolved it immediately! Just doesn’t  make sense! 

Nor does it make sense to try and run your own ad campaigns when really you’re an expert in another field. 

We do it ALL for you...

We set up everything up for you, from Facebook page to ads to lead capture, right through to getting that amazing life changing sales lead in your inbox. 

Leverage our expertise to grow your business today! We could be getting you results in as soon as 3 days! 

We look forward to talking to you soon for a strategy call. 

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The Get Results ad co. Team